Thursday, July 22, 2004

A little dinner conversation...

Conversation between me and guy serving me a slice of pizza for dinner (really and truly, to the best of my ability to remember, this is pretty much the exact conversation):

Pizza Guy:  "So, are you from here?"
Me:  "No, I'm here for the summer from TVPNM"
PG:  "Oh old are you?"
Me:  "Uhhhh...ummmm...I'll be thirty in a few months"
Intermission for narration:  Pizza Guy is in his mid-forties, and the years have clearly been tough.  He is missing teeth.  He has a bald spot.  He has one gold the front. 
PG:  "Really? look good girl!"
Me:  "OK...well thanks"  (try desperately to grab plate with slice of pizza from him)
PG:  "Why you tryin' to run away like that? Are you scared?  You are hot girl.  I'm gonna hold on to this pizza so we can talk some more"
Me:  "Ha..ha...ha...seriously, thanks"  (more desperate grabs for plate)
PG:  "You got a husband?"
Me:  "No...I mean yes"
PG:  "C'mon girl, you got a husband or not, don't lie to me're too pretty to be lying"
Me:  "Uh...I have an ex-husband, but I...uh...I have a boyfriend, yeah, too bad, I've got a boyfriend back inTVPNM"
PG:  "What's his name?"
Me:  "Uhhhh...well...hey can I just get my pizza" (Note to self:  have name of imaginary boyfriend thought up in advance for next time)
PG:  "Well, whoever he is, he's your ex-boyfriend now, because I'm here and I'm about to get all up on you girl"
Me:  "OK...I'll let him know..."
PG:  "Enjoy your dinner, let me know if you need anything"

And then he winked.  EWWWWWW.  Oh god, I'm totally traumatized. 
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