Thursday, July 01, 2004

Two things.

A) I need to start posting about beer again. My popup blogger ads are all for summer internships. Blech. Expect more booze posts soon...I can't let the educational ads win.

B) If you are the person or persons who comes to my site, looks at it, and then goes to BlogHop and clicks "Hate It"...quit coming back. I never think anyone uses that BlogHop link anyway since it's kind of far down the list, but every once in a great while I check it and either the only people who bother to click it are people who hate the site, or someone is being spiteful. Either way, it still hurts my feelings and besides, I hate you too. Take that.

C) A third thing...sorry, I'm feeling long-winded today...I forgot to mention the other day that I went to lunch with Jim from Jim's Polka but I noticed he had a post up saying we have gone to lunch. It was indeed very nice, and fun to talk to someone who is where I was last year at this time. Oh how times have changed. I'm not sure I'm the best emissary for the law school experience, but I like it pretty well and I passed all my classes, so why the hell not?

UPDATE (2 Jul): Well, you just couldn't resist, could you? Someone went on Bloghop last night and hit the "Hate It" button a few more times...just to test my patience, which is wearing thin by the way. So, Bloghop is a thing of the past. If I want to be criticized I can just go to work or talk to my parents about my divorce. I definitely don't need it from perfect strangers. As an aside, I KNOW that I am being completely irrational, I can't help it...for some reason this has become my new pet peeve. I feel compelled to know who hates me and the exact details of why. Anonymous hatred is not OK.
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