Monday, July 12, 2004

Life: Kentucky is looking for a new slogan.

Kentucky is looking for a new slogan. Something that doesn't bring to mind trailer parks, tornados, moonshine, or marrying your sister. Apparently Kentucky has been stewing over a comment made by Craig Kilborn over four years ago in which he called the state "Ken-sucky" after a tornado ripped through and wiped out a bunch of trailer parks. State officials have put on their collective thinking caps and are trying desperately to come up with a slogan that represents the state. The creative director for the promotion firm handling the project has this to say:
"Kentucky is neither North nor South, it's not too big or too small, too hot or too cold," Kokai said. "It really gets at the question: What are we? Well, we're a nice combination."

Inspiring, huh?

So, you might be asking yourselves, what are some of the early contenders? Well, here ya go:

"Kentucky: Unbridled."

"Kentucky: And you're off!"

"My Kentucky: Make it yours."

Yeah. I think there are gonna be some problems. Maybe they should just let Craig Kilborn and Conan O'Brien write the slogan and get it over with. Using the word "Unbridled" in your state slogan is just asking for trouble...and the other two just make me wonder if they're taking this seriously. I see the potential here for some very bad outcomes.

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