Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why are you crying? Do I beat you?

I am officially OVER working on my Estate Planning homework. I think I have messed it up at this point so much that if it was a real client I would be guilty of 17 different kinds of malpractice. Oh well, I should get an "A" for effort, seeing as how I've been doing nothing but this homework for what feels like days. I emailed my prof and asked for an extension on my written book report, hopefully she'll allow me to just do the one in class today, and turn in something later this weekend maybe.

I am sitting at my desk in my little shared office at school and every time I look around I am overwhelmed with the enormity of what I have to do before graduation. And I don't even mean school work. I mean three years of books stored in here, three years of papers, three years of Diet Coke bottles and printed out cases and little knick-knacks and discarded bluebooks. How will I ever get this all home? What will I do with it when I get it there? My number one goal for after Mock Trial is done is that I'm going to really get into all my closets and get rid of a LOT of stuff, and do some deep cleaning of things that I've been neglecting, like the cabinets under the bathroom sink and whatnot. Bringing yet more useless crap INTO the house defeats my entire plan.
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