Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hey Ma, look what I did!

I went to this wine store I love today to buy some wine, and there's a Target right near it. So, I decided to just walk around Target for a minute, and as I'm browsing through the women's clothing, this kid all of the sudden just barfs everywhere. Oh my God, it was so gross. Then he was SO PROUD. He kept going "Hey, I'm sick!" It was like he'd just learned to parallel park or something, "Guess what I did? Aren't I awesome?!" ICK! I almost had a sympathetic puking moment, and you've never seen anyone leave a Target that fast in your entire life!

I went and saw Mission Impossible III today. Very fast-paced, it kind of stressed me out because it had so much going on. I'm like that kid Warren in Empire Records, I need to be curbing my impulses, not magnifying them. But, I made up for it by going out for a couple of beers afterwards. So, it's all good.
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