Thursday, May 11, 2006

A meme for you and me.

I liked this meme at Spilt Milk, so I took it -- it's not one of those ones you have to assign to people, but if you like it, do it! And send a trackback or a comment or something so we can all see what you said.

I AM: extremely tired and stressed out, but will still find time for happy hour tomorrow night.
I WANT: more cheese. I can't get enough cheese lately.
I WISH: I had the ability to focus on details.
I HATE: feeling frustrated.
I MISS: having a dog.
I FEAR: the people at my new job don't think I'm doing good work or won't like me.
I HEAR: voices in my head telling me to buy more cheese. And to throw in some ice cream while I'm at it.
I WONDER: whether I'll ever be someone's mom.
I REGRET: letting my ex-husband take the dog.
I AM NOT: going to waste any more of my days wondering if I'm too fat to be loved. As the Zenmaster says "Do you spend time wondering whether the leaves on the trees are the right shape? Do you argue with God about the details?"
I DANCE: SO much better when I'm drunk.
I SING: in the shower every morning because Ex-Roomie bought me a shower CD player that's awesome. Today I sung "Temperature" by Sean Paul. Hell yeah.
I CRY: whenever I get too tired, and usually in front of people I regret crying in front of.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: fun and funny.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a pretty decent homemade apple cream cheese pie.
I WRITE: because if I don't I feel icky.
I CONFUSE: the hell out of most people who meet me.
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