Sunday, May 21, 2006

My bathtub is full of shit. No. Seriously.

So, yeah. I got home from the gym today, and, all excited to take a shower, found a bathtub full case scenario, brown murky water that ISN'T sewage. And, it was rising. And, my toilet wouldn't flush. So, I called the "Emergency Maintenance Hotline" for my apartment. I got a message telling me someone would call me back just as soon as possible, which to me pretty much screams, "We just don't give one tiny FLYING F*CK about your EMERGENT issue", and I left a which I got no response. At all. And then, a miracle. I heard the maintenance man out in the hallway walking around, so I ran outside and accosted him. He told me that everyone on my hallway was having the same issue, and he had called a plumber. God bless him, he looked totally overwhelmed. He's so nice though, and I think he has a bit of a crush on me, which is nice when you're needing help.

Next thing I knew, Roto-Rooter had pulled up outside, and the maintenance man came by my apartment to look at my tub and assure me it would be OK. He also told me my apartment "smelled real good!" Well, duh!!! :) Anyway, about four hours after it all began, the head maintenance man came by to tell me the water should start draining away any minute. He goes "So, do you need us to come in and clean your carpets or anything?" And I say " would you do that?" "Oh, your next door neighbor's tub overflowed and flooded their entire apartment and even the hallway carpet." OH DAMN! So, the water went down, I scrubbed my tub, and thankfully my entire apartment didn't flood with sewage (or whatever was coming out of that drain...but I can't think of what else it would be...ICKY!!!). I didn't post a picture of the clean tub, but trust me, there was a lot of Clorox involved.

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