Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ocean and Coastal Law Outline?

Does anyone have a good outline for Ocean and Coastal Law? We are using the Kalo book, which I think is the standard text used for this subject, and I know there are probably other coastal schools that offer the course, at least once in awhile (I think Univ. of Oregon and Lewis and Clark both offer the course). I have a billion pages of notes, a partial outline, and lots of stuff I've printed out from other sources, but if somebody has a good outline, I'd be exceedingly grateful for some structure for all this junk I've got floating around.

Also, why do people have to whisper while they read? If we've all managed to make it to law school, shouldn't we be able to control the impulse to read out loud (in a WHISPER no less) when in public and around other people who are trying to study?? Geez.

Anyway, exams are in a week and a half, and I still have a HUGE paper left to write as well, so I better get my nose back to the grindstone.
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