Friday, May 19, 2006

Things I learned today.

1. Those really hot muscles on the side of a boy's abs near his...heh heh...boy parts...those're called the "Abercrombie Muscles" or the "Abercrombie Ridge." Heh. Courtesy of Ex-Roomie.

2. My boss loves me. Yay!

3. I can go to work and do a semi-decent job with only four hours of sleep.

4. If someone says "ejaculatory" enough times, I will laugh, no matter how unprofessional.

5. That goes double for "dick." Dick is funny. Always.

6. If you tell the boy at the pizza place that watching him vacuum sorta makes you hot, he might laugh, but he might wink at you too.

7. Sometimes you just can't force yourself to feel the way you don't feel.

8. Beer is the perfect antidote to stress. But I already kinda knew that.

9. Did I mention I love my job?

10. If I drink enough beer, I have no problem singing Creedence Clearwater Revival songs in a bar full of people.

11. Homer is a good name for a dog. Especially if the dog is at a bar, and his owner is a man, who actually turns out to be a woman, but you thought she was a man at first, and then you were a little bit confused, but mostly because of the purple tie-dye, which no one should wear, but the dog, Homer, is still really cute.

12. Life is weird, and there's just no way to predict shit.

13. I like being single, and making my own decisions, and not telling anyone where I am or where I'm going, and I'm not ready to be in a relationship where I owe anyone an explanation about my behavior - no matter what it is.

I have to go to bed. I haven't gotten more than a couple of hours of sleep for the last few nights and my brain is tired. I've really been stressed out, and I had a few beers tonight, and I sang a lot of ill advised songs at the bar even though there actually wasn't karaoke, and I think I might do it again tomorrow night. I wish graduation would hurry up and be here. Damnit. Off to bed.
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