Sunday, May 21, 2006

I heart Chimay.

Also, I went to a place tonight for barbeque and it wasn't entirely disappointing -- a new experience in the Pacific Northwest, where normally the food is just bland and totally boring, and probably vegetarian and organic and if you eat a huge plate of meat someone will burn your house down. So, yeah, it was nice to have a big old pulled pork sandwich in the kind of place where your waiter is named Alfonso and it's OK to enjoy your gigantic pile-o-meat. Yum!

Then, we went to a dive bar for just one drink that was fantastic. Just the right ratio of down and out people, hipsters, punk rockers, and boring law students. Awesome.

Phrase of the night, from Ex-Roomie's boyfriend: "So, he's not riding the skin boat to tuna town?"

Man, it's good to have classy friends. And a dive-y-esque bar that still serves Chimay in bottles -- because drinking expensive beer out of the bottle makes me accessible and fun instead of pretentious and annoying. And I wore a low-cut shirt and cowboy boots, so basically I had on an outfit that pretty much screamed, "I'm not from here - but, still...BOOBIES!!!"

Off to bed. I swear to God, I'm gonna get my homework done tomorrow. And this time I mean it.
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