Friday, May 05, 2006


**Warning, many naughty words ahead**

Guy at Burger King Drive-Through: "So,'re real pretty."

Me: "Uh, thanks!"

BK: "You got a REAL nice smile! Very nice!"

Me: "Yeah, thanks...thanks!"

**Hands me my credit card receipt**

BK: "Have a great night." **Brushes hand against my hand while I return the pen and receipt**

Me *shudder*: "Thanks"

**Pull forward to second window**

New Guy: "Hey you, motherfucker! You think you're a real man? Why don't you come out here and be a real man motherfucker! Come out here and fight like a man!"

BK: "Oh yeah bitch? Look at you! Look at you! You think you're a real man? Look at how dirty you are!"

NG: "Look at my car! Do you see this Mercedes? Why don't you come out and show my your Chevy piece of shit motherfucker?!"

BK: "If I come out there I'm gonna kick your ass!"

NG: "I'm coming back for you. Count on it. I'm coming back to get you. I'll get you!"

**New Guy sticks hand out window in gun gesture...he's just NEXT to the drive through lane, but not in it**

BK: "Bring it! Come on back when you're not a huge pussy!"

God, it was surreal! I hope the Burger King guy doesn't think that guy is my boyfriend or something - he just came out of nowhere and threatened to kill the Burger King guy! It was BIZARRE!!!!
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