Monday, May 01, 2006

Big Trouble in Little China

I think the fact that part of my Estate Planning assignment that's due on Wednesday involves writing a "client letter" explaining the "state of Federal and State Estate and Gift Tax" in a manner, presumably, that is "knowledgeable" and "coherent" and "in English" is a sign that the end of the world is nigh, if you will.

I don't feel well today, and I didn't get enough done because I screwed around watching Oprah instead of working, because...well...I wasn't feeling good. I just want the next two weeks to go by so that I can get two of my four classes out of the way and have some free time again. And really free. Now I have "free" time but it always comes with a, not so much.

More aspirin. Then bed. Estate Planning and BusOrgs homework can wait until the asscrack of dawn tomorrow. If I'm lucky I can spend all weekend on Trial Ad. Awesome. It's only Monday and I'm already incubating the knot in my stomach. How does everything get done? Maybe my life is proof that miracles really do happen. Not sure though if the miracle is that it gets done or that I don't spontaneously combust with stress.
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