Monday, May 22, 2006

Another day in paradise.

Today I went to work on a Monday because, for the first time EVER, I have NO Monday classes. Everyone there teased me about coming in on my day off, but I can tell they are excited that I'm turning out to be a full-on workaholic. I still struggle with the billable hour thing -- not so much having enough to do, but keeping track of it as I go and accurately recording what I'm doing. Surely there must be a better way?

I am WAYYYYYYYYYYYY behind in my last two classes, and was horrified to realize today that exams are only two weeks away. SHIT! Seeing as how I likely won't graduate if I fail either one of them, there's probably an argument there that I need to get on my reading and outlining and studying and whatnot. What a total pain in the ass -- who actually expects 3L's to be able to mentally engage enough in their last quarter to work, stay up with the reading, prepare for exams, prepare for family stuff/graduation, get all the bar review junk straightened out...etc...???

At any rate, I'm finishing up some laundry, and I think I'm going to hunker down tonight and work on a little thing called "The Series Finale of Alias." WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more interesting (and, frankly, important in my life) than doing either BusOrgs reading or working on the 12-page paper I have due in a couple of weeks.

If I get a chance I'll take a picture of my apartment complex hallway outside my door - they had to pull up the carpet all the way down the entire hallway because of the little "spill" last night. Yikes! Once again, let me say that I am SO THANKFUL that it didn't overflow in MY apartment. And, I hate say it, door neighbors who play Dance Dance Revolution 8,000 times a day, usually from 10pm-3am, and then sewage overflows and floods their apartment?? Yeah, karma is a bee-yotch. Ya know?
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