Saturday, May 06, 2006

It tastes like burning.

Last night at the Cinco de Mayo fiesta I attended, a couple of fun things happened.

First, I was doing a shot of tequila when Ex-Roomie's boyfriend all of the sudden goes "Last time I drank tequila I threw up in my suitcase." This caused me to sort of snort INTO my shot of tequila WHILE I was bringing it up to my face, which in turn caused it to splash up all over my face including INTO MY EYES. I have literally never had anything hurt my eyes that much. And of course, I couldn't open my eyes, AND my makeup all ran down my face from both the tequila and my tears, so one of the hosts ran and got me a paper towel with which I tried to clean up the mess. I ended up having to go to the bathroom and wash off most of my eye-makeup. But, because I'm a trooper, I still did like five more shots of tequila.

And that leads me to my next point. Here's me "Blah blah blah, yeah I'll do another shot, blah blah blah, oh hi 2L's, let me tell you about my blog!" So, I should probably welcome my new readers, whoever they might end up being since I was enjoying Cinco de Mayo enough that I'm not sure who I might have opened my big fat trap to. I think with the whole "graduation" and "moving into my new job-life and away from school-life" I have just totally stopped caring about telling people about this little project. I used to think it would be the end of the world if people read this, and now I feel like I'm just having a hard time feeling anything but total apathy towards anything related to law school, which I'm sure all the 3L's in the whole world totally understand.

At any rate, I have to go drink 10 gallons of water and try to get some homework done, because I'm not graduated yet. I'm spending tonight at my mock trial partner's house, working on that. I greatly look forward to the day when I can spend time with my friends NOT doing homework.

PS: Just as I was about to hit "Publish" a commercial came on for the "Best of Chris Isaak" CD. How does one pick the "best of" a bunch of songs that all sound the same? He did that one song with the model girl on the beach (and it's telling that all anyone remembers is the video, and that's because there were boobies), and every song they just previewed on the commercial sounds exactly like that? Since when is he famous enough to get a "best of" CD?
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