Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm gonna be a good mom.

I went to lunch with Ex-Roomie today...and the following conversation happened.

Me: "Yeah, you know that MAC lipstick I bought when we went to Vancouver? The one that's the perfect color?"

ER: "Yeah."

Me: "Well, today I accidentally left it in my car, and it was right in the sun and was totally melting."

ER: "That sucks!"

Me: "I know. I got all the way to school and was working on my homework when I thought about where I had left it and so I walked all the way back to the parking lot to get it."

ER: "You went all the way up there to get your lipstick?"

Me: "Um, yeah."

ER: "You REMEMBERED where your lipstick was and knew to go there to get it?"

Me: "Is that weird?"

ER: "Just think of how awesome you're gonna be when you have to keep track of something that's actually alive!"
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