Thursday, May 04, 2006

If only I had doubts.

Tonight we had our final rowing class. In honor of it being the last day, it was terribly windy and Saturday is opening day of boating season so there were tons of motorboats out on the lake kicking up some pretty awful wakes. All of this is to say that our boat was FULL of water when we got done rowing, so when we picked it up out of the water and turned it over, it dumped about 50 gallons of water directly on my head, drenching me to the bone in the process. Ex-Roomie and I have a tradition of beer and dinner after rowing classes, and since it was our last class I didn't want to punk out, so like the trooper I am I put my work clothes back on, dried off my hair as much as I could, and went out for a couple of beers.

At the bar, our waitress was totally hitting on me. Yeah, you heard me right. Well, technically she may have been hitting on both me and Ex-Roomie, but let's just say that if I would have made the decision tonight to play for the other team, that decision could have been made to come to fruition, if you will. She was kind of cute I guess, although I have this feeling that if I was a lesbian I would go for women who were more like me, sort of girly and sparkly, but sadly I am just 100% heterosexual. In the sense that the grass is always greener and whatnot (that's for you, Mr. Anonymous Commenter, you know who you are), it seems like it would be easier to be a lesbian, although I'm sure that relationships are just as difficult no matter what your preference in terms of partners. But, when you are finally getting hit on it sucks to not be able to take someone up on it...sigh. If only I had this magic effect on men. And while looking like a drowned rat no less!

Today at work I had a conversation with my boss about how it's going to be when I come back from the bar exam and I have to start "marketing", ie: bringing in clients, and I feel anxious now. I'm not going to think about it. On Fridays I work all day, and I already know that just what's sitting on my desk left over from today is enough to keep me busy all day tomorrow -- but I'm excited. I love it there, I hope they think I'm doing a good job.

Alright, I gotta go to bed I guess. I was up until about 2:30am this morning, and now I'm exhausted. And of course there's work bright and early tomorrow. Guess I'll probably be back on Saturday as I'm going to a Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow night where I fully expect to drink too much and spend the night on Ex-Roomie's couch, eating her Costco pizza and drinking her water. This week is my turn on the Roundup, submit links if you've got 'em. And don't think I didn't get your submissions to be hosts -- I did. I've just been WAY too busy to talk to Evan about them, but never fear, it'll get done. If you didn't send me an email yet, but you'd like to take over for me in doing the Weekly Law School Roundup, don't be shy -- send it now! Evan and I will discuss it and come up with some sort of coherent plan...or, at least a plan. Or a plan to make a plan. In the future.
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