Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lighting a fire under my ass

Nothing will light a fire under my ass faster than an email from our Trial Ad professor saying that if we don't have our pretrial orders in by noon we won't be getting judges for Mock Trial and will have to have a faculty member instead. And of course it's only half done, and I'm the only person here at school and it has to be signed by all four of us before noon....so my partner is running here from work to sign it, and the other team worked out something to get it signed, and I'm frantically typing and printing and typing and printing and trying to get everyone to agree before they sign so I can run it up there at noon.

Whew. My stomach hurts.

Also, I was supposed to be getting my Estate Planning homework done during this time period which means I'll probably have to skip rowing tonight in order to get it done. Damnit.
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