Friday, February 03, 2006

You might regret it, but you asked.

OK, so like a week ago I said I was drinking what I thought was a fantastic white wine, and a couple of people said they wanted to know what it was. Now, bear in mind that I am NOT a wine drinker normally, and I tend to pick things based on the "pretty label" or the "fun description" taped next to the bottle at the wine shop. So, you know, fair warning. Also, for me, "fantastic wine" is a descriptor that I use in place of other words...words like "guzzle-able," "doesn't taste like ass," and "I drank the entire bottle because, hey, it's just fruit juice, right?"

For the most part I only drink white wine, and usually Riesling. I picked up this particular wine because it had a fun label and name, and the description sounded good. Very scientific, huh?

It's White Truck by Cline Cellars, which is apparently in central California somewhere. Here's the winemaker's comments, which are, incidentally, what were posted next to the display at the store that made me want to buy it:

This bright fresh wine exhibits grapefruit, gooseberry and orange flavors. No oak or malolactic fermentation was used in this blend. white truck pairs well with spicy foods or can be a delightful treat all by itself.

So, there you go. I liked it...but, I'm more than willing to admit that my high-class taste in beer probably doesn't follow to my taste in wine. A bottle of this ran about $12.

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