Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Foiled again.

So, I struggled internally with the whole "Valentine's Day" thing this year. On the one hand, I have a Valentine. On the other hand, it's pretty brand new, and not ultra-serious, and there is a certain ambivalence on his part to participate in the Day 'O' Mass Commercialization of Love and other Schmoopy Things, which I totally understand. But, you see, I'm a girl, so that totally doesn't get him off the hook at all. And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE any excuse to shop for anything, and I REALLY love trying to come up with good presents that I think people will like, so I'll spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to come up with something perfect in my (often downright paltry) price range.

Anyway, I really tried to come up with a good gift that wasn't stupid or too lovey-dovey or too expensive and thus uncomfortable-making for both of us. And when he mentioned that his CD case was stolen a couple of years ago and it had all the CD's of his favorite band of all time in it, I knew I had the answer. Through diligent searching on, I found all four CD's, used, and bought them. All the places said they would ship the same or next day. It's been three days, and only one CD is shipped and the rest say they'll be here "between Feb. 14th and Feb. 28th." Yeah, see, that's just not good enough Amazon! I mean, I know that the people selling used stuff are not actually in the Amazon warehouse or whatever, but still -- I need to know that shit I buy is going to get here in a reasonably timely manner...I don't have a backup gift idea AT ALL, and frankly I don't have time to come up with one in the next few days.

So, I'm a little pissed about this. I thought I had the perfect idea and as it turns out, the Universe actually IS against me. Damnit.
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