Monday, February 06, 2006

Another mundane post about my boring life. Sorry.

Well, I guess it was bound to happen, but not only did we lose the Superbowl (have I ever seen so many people on the news crying when no one even died? NO!), but my "friend" is sick now (thanks to me I guess). The best part is that he seems to be suffering in a different way than I was, so I'm looking forward to getting sick again, in a new and exciting way. I made him homemade chicken soup, chocolate chip cookies, and a care package with vitamins, magazines, orange juice, and candy. I'm so awesome!

Anyway, it's actually sunny again here today -- I'm so excited. Even though GK is out of town, I think I might take our usual walk today at lunch and try to soak up a little bit of sun if it actually sticks around that long. Two days in a row, I almost don't know what to do! I spent some time this weekend reading ahead for Tax, but I still feel totally behind in there and I know it's almost my turn to get called on again. I guess it can't be any worse than last time, when all my answers consisted of ""

I have to go get my Diet Coke, try to review some Tax, and call D.C. to find out where the hell my W-2 is. It's fantastic when they can tell you they lost it, but not when they can get it reprinted or get it out to you. Because, it's not like I need to refund or anything. Right?
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