Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Baby it's cold outside.

Holy crap it's COLD outside! We are having "arctic air" moving down from Canada, which is apparently sent here directly for the purpose of turning us all into human Otter Pops. I have had my heater on all night, probably only for the second or third time all winter, and it's STILL cold in my apartment!

My friend came over tonight and we watched Lost and ate was fun. My stove has decided to go on the blink though, and that could curtail future cupcake batches. About every five or so minutes, it just shuts off, leaving whatever is cooking (frozen pizza) sitting there, getting colder while the oven loses heat. It's awesome when it takes an hour to cook your frozen pizza, and by the time it's done it's all soggy and sad.

Opening statement went well tonight. I think I did OK, especially given the fact that I was kind of nervous about my level of preparation, and now all I have to do is somehow figure out the motion in limine tomorrow morning and get that turned in on Friday from my parent's house.

I leave for home tomorrow after class, and expect to get home pretty late tomorrow night. Likely no posting until Friday at least, but I will sleep easier knowing you'll all miss me terribly. Console yourselves by looking at pictures of the pretty cupcakes.

Just so there is no doubt, I am doing great. The breakup is what it is, but I'm good and feeling strong and healthy. Taking the posts down does not reflect anything about the situation, except as it relates to me personally and what I feel comfortable sharing on the internet when my situation is really not that anonymous considering how many people I know in real life who read this, and how many people read this who know me/feel like they know me via my blog "persona." I'm just taking care of's what a girl has to do.
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