Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's 6am, I must be sick with a head cold.

You might be asking yourself, "Hey, E. Spat, what are you doing up at 5:54am?" And I'll tell you. I am up coughing and blowing my nose and wishing I had the world's bristliest bottle-brush with which to scratch inside my throat where there is an insane tickly itch that is driving me nuts. In between the coughing and nose blowing. I still have to work on/finish my opening, so I figured I might as well sit upright, lessen the symptoms, and try to get some work done. I still have a motion in limine due on Friday, and two more days of Tax to get through as well, so it's not like there's not enough work to do.

If I still feel like this tonight, I'll tell you right now there's some big, fat Nyquil in my future. I am all about getting enough sleep.

Also, good news, there's an "incoming push of arctic air" on the way the news just said. Big fun.
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