Friday, February 03, 2006

Ah, here it is. "Breach Hull - All Die." Even had it underlined.

The hand-me-down Spatula-mobile has a problem. My grandpa was in a couple of accidents in it (hence getting his driver's license taken away, hence me getting the car) and one of them damaged the gas tank. This meant that the gas tank had to be replaced, and I'm assuming that when that happened, whatever inbred, backwoods mechanic out in Podunk-ville my grandpa took it to effed it up. Because, here's the thing. The gauge doesn't work properly. On any steep hill (and by steep I mean, any hill at all), the little needle promptly drops to "E" and the gas light comes on. When you're back on solid ground, the needle goes back up, but often the gas light stays on. Sometimes the gas light is on AND the needle is on "E" for a while, and so I'll go get gas, only to find out I still had 6 gallons in an 18 gallon tank. This is all highly irritating to me. My gas light is on probably 80% of the time, and since my parking lot is SLIGHTLY angled, when I get in my car in the morning, the needle is ALWAYS on "E" and the light is on, and it takes an hour to equalize and even then I'm not really sure if it's right or not. I have a terrible fear of running out of gas. Not because I drive in the wilderness so often or anything, but because I think it would be highly humiliating to have to call my Triple-A people and tell them I ran out of gas in a city with a gas station every 1/2 block.

Anyway, that's my rant for today I suppose. I am sitting in my office at school trying to force myself to start making up about three days of tax homework. Awesome. I will definitely be having a big, fat beer tonight to make up for an entire day of tax.
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