Sunday, February 05, 2006

Radio Silence

I apologize for the period of non-posting this weekend. We've been having CRAZY windstorms here that left me without power for nearly 24 hours, and I still don't have cell phone service, which sucks since I don't have a landline. Plus, last night was my ex-Roomie's birthday and I had shopping/partying to attend to. Today is, of course, the Superbowl...and believe me, I'm not sure it's even safe to be outside because people are already drunk off their collective asses.

In other news, my "friend" hasn't been talking in his sleep, but this morning he was trying to convince me that I was going to bend to his will about some subject, and when I said I wasn't going to he goes "Then I'll put you in a figure-four leglock and squeeze you until you tap out. What do you think about that?" Holy shit, I laughed so hard...who says that kind of stuff? Anyway, I'm off to do some super-fantastic homework. Awesome.
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