Friday, February 10, 2006

Perhaps it's just the way the light falls, but everything looks like a target to me.

I was talking to my friend the other day about music we used to listen to in high school, and I was having fond memories of a little band called Clutch that I used to be in love with. I saw them live a couple of times right around when Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes and Undeniable Truths came out, my senior year of high school (1993 God help me).Anyway, I had enough Lexis points to get 10 Itunes songs, so I downloaded some Clutch, having long lost track of all my old CD's due to various boyfriend/husband break-up pilferage, and one unfortunate car break-in where they stole my Air Force pager, my wallet, and my CD case.

I'm sitting here with my headphones on at school, listening to some Clutch, thinking about my days as a little industrial rock chick, complete with dyed black hair, short short skirts, combat boots, and a boyfriend with a purple mohawk. Man. This shit will take you back.
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