Saturday, February 25, 2006

I always find the fish! Always!

So, last night at our impromptu beer bash, Ex-Roomie and I cooked up a St. Patrick's Day plan to rival all St. Patrick's Day plans. Well, that's not true. BUT, we did come up with something.

See, for those of you on semesters, you're looking forward to Spring Break and your life is fairly uncomplicated in that respect. For those of us on the quarter system, we have a week of exams coming up. And, at my school at least, those exams have had St. Patrick's Day stuck right in the middle of them for the past two years. This year though, it's on Friday. The Friday before Spring Break. The last Friday of exam week. It's the perfect storm...the end of exam week, the beginning of Spring Break, and St. Patrick's Day. This is the day I've been waiting on for three years.

We are screening local Irish bars trying to figure out which one will be the best to suit our needs. There will be ALL DAY drinking. There will be low-cut shirts (for me), and shamrocks painted on faces (her), and LOTS and LOTS of booze. There will be dirty limericks, green beer, people passing out on the street, and me going on and on about how much I love an Irish accent.

I am very excited.
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