Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Revisionist History

I put two of my recent breakup posts into draft form while I consider how much I really want to put out on the internets. I have some concerns here, but for now I'll leave up the original "I got dumped" post, although that might bite the dust soon too. They could all come back in a day, or they might not ever.

I can't explain why I took them down, just an uncomfortable feeling about the level of detail and the record I was creating which I'm not sure I want to really go back and relive. I know some people consider this type of thing to be, like, the worst possible blog sin. But I maintain now, and always have, that it's my blog and I'll do whatever I want.

In other news, I have a pretty decent start on my opening statement, and an ENTIRE two hours to get it done before I have to go downtown. I have plans with a friend afterwards, and I think there will be cupcakes and TV watching...YAY!!
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