Saturday, February 18, 2006

Like a v-ir-ir-irgin

Last night I drank beer in front of my parents for the very first time. I'm 31 years old and they have never seen me drink. We went to pizza with my uncle and Grandpa Spatula, and my uncle bought a pitcher and I had an ENTIRE glass of beer, RIGHT IN FRONT of my mom and dad.

This is a big moment for me. My parents do not drink. At all. Ever. I don't know that they're morally opposed since I know for a fact my dad used to get wasted when he was a young Air Force officer (and have pic's to prove it), but since they had me they just never drank anymore...didn't want to be a bad influence I guess. Plus, my dad is far too huge of a health nut to go there...all those dirty calories...he'd have to ride an extra 10 miles a day on his bike.

Anyway, I don't think I'm going to start telling them tales of my wild carousing or anything (such as it is, which is to say, there's not much to tell), but I feel like I took a giant leap into adulthood.
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