Friday, January 13, 2006

Why won't it stop?

Swear to God, it is STILL RAINING. Apparently we are about to break some record for the most consecutive days of rain (something like 34 days in a row). It's awful! I almost cried when I woke up this morning and heard the stupid rain. And it's not just sprinkling, it's pouring down out of a steel-gray sky day after day after day after day (times 34).

I just want to be able to go for a walk outside. I want to walk to the gym without an umbrella and my shoes being filled with water when I get there. I want to go out for my birthday on Saturday night without having to carry an umbrella AND wear a raincoat AND have my shoes full of water. I WANT TO SEE THE SUN AGAIN.

I just want the rain to stop.

Honestly, I could also use some grades too though, as long as I'm asking for miracles.

UPDATE: It is still raining. I still have no grades. HOWEVER, I did buy a pair of FABULOUS jeans on super-duper clearance sale at Macy's for like $20 that were originally $100 and they look SO GOOD!! And in my NEW/CURRENT size! I also bought one of the most booby-licious shirts in the entire history of mankind which I will hopefully be wearing this weekend if I can find some shoes to go with it that don't hurt my feet so much that I'm hobbled for three weeks after I wear them.
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