Monday, January 23, 2006

Better late than never!

I have been incredibly busy and for that I apologize. I was remiss in posting the link to the Weekly Law School Roundup #4 over at Evan's place yesterday...go there now! Next week it's my turn, so send any good, fun links my way!!

I basically spent the weekend drinking and hanging out with my friends. As I'm sure you can guess, it was a big weekend here -- you know -- because of the TVPNM football team and all. If you still can't guess where I'm at, I just don't know how else to help you.

I briefly stopped at a bar last night where all my friends were watching the game, just in time for this drunk guy sitting right behind us (and when I say "drunk" I mean "incoherent to the point of near-death") threw a beer, trying to hit the owner of the bar, and hit Roomie's Boyfriend. Roomie's Boyfriend got up and growled, the bar owner tried to get the guy up and throw him out, but Mr. Drunkypants threw the glass and it broke and then dumped everything off the table -- so then all the guys at our table, including GK, Roomie's Boyfriend, and another friend of ours, ended up getting up and wrestling this guy out the door -- he was out of control. It was all very exciting until the drunk guy bumped into our table on the way out and made me spill half my beer on my cashmere sweater -- BASTARD! Then I wanted to get up and throttle him too. Anyway, it was fun, and our team won, so it was all good.

I predict some pretty elaborate Superbowl parties around here.
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