Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Make it stop *sobs*

Why does the Today Show have Richard Simmons on it? Why does Katie Couric call "pounds" LB's? How can anyone but the most absolutely morbidly obese person lose weight by using Richard Simmons' Toning to the Oldies? Sorry buddy, stretching just isn't going to do it for the person who's only 20lbs overweight. OH GOD, why is he PRAYING?? Why are they playing "Oh Richard he's so fine" to the tune of "Mickey" over and over and over and over and over. How could anyone think that he is still relevant as a weight-loss guru? He's not inspirational, he's scary and makes my skin crawl.

This is the worst possible way ever to start a morning. Although, it is perhaps the only thing that can make me look forward to taking Income Tax. At least I don't have to see Richard Simmons there.

PS: I had an interview last Tuesday, and now it's this Tuesday and in the intervening week I've been busy being drunk and depressed, and then shopping and eating. Is it too late to send a Thank You email??
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