Monday, January 16, 2006

Meme Squared

I got tagged with this meme about Fours twice, once by LQ and once by Lycos. I also owe some answers to Legally Blonde, who hit me with a meme last week that I never responded to because I was busy...and it's to tell you three things you don't know about me, which, frankly, is a challenge since I feel like you guys know more about me than I know about myself! But today I'm gonna take care of both these meme's in one fell swoop.


Four Jobs You've Had

Ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins. I gave all my friends free ice cream, I ate lots of free ice cream, I made less than minimum wage, and every disgusting pervert in all of Tampa, FL got to look down my pink polo shirt every time I leaned into the freezer.

Counter person at a dry cleaner. Ewww. People are disgusting.

Air Force officer. Like LQ, the best job I've far.

Secretary for the buyers at a food distribution company. Awesomely awesome samples of every food and non-food product under the sun...just for looking pretty when the sales reps came in the office. And I got to order all the cigarettes and booze for the member stores, which I always thought was fun.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

Real Genius
Office Space
Super Troopers

Four Places You've Lived

Osan Air Force Base, Republic of South Korea
Roseville, CA
St. Petersburg, FL
Belleville, IL

Four TV Shows You Like to Watch

Gilmore Girls
The Office (American version)
What Not To Wear

Four Places You've Been on Vacation

Landstuhl, Germany -- technically I went here for the Air Force, but I did so much drinking and so little work and spent so much money that I consider it a vacation.

Vegas -- probably been to Las Vegas at least ten times.

Madrid, Spain -- super fun, hot guys, and I was old enough to drink legally which allowed me to experiment a little bit but not offend my delicately balanced up-tightness about following rules.

Grand Canyon -- M. and I took a road trip and we stopped at the Grand Canyon. It was amazing and I will never ever forget how beautiful it was.

Four Websites You Visit Daily

The Superficial

Four of My Favorite Foods

Ice Cream
Homemade Mac & Cheese

(Oh my God, note to self: look at this list and really, really think about some life changes -- also, I'm leaving off Diet Coke, Beer and Vodka because they are not "technically" food, but with as large a part of my diet as they are...well...just know that I really debated).

Four Places I'd Rather Be

Trinidad, CA
Drinking in a bar in Germany with fun people who barely speak English but understand the international language of booze.
The Flying Saucer, San Antonio, TX
Anywhere with my friends, but without school or a other words -- fantasy-land.

Four Albums I Can't Live Without

Jimmy Buffet Box Set (Beaches, Boats, Bars & Ballads -- I'm counting this as one)
Bradley Nowell & Friends -- Sublime Acoustic
Van Morrison -- The Best of Van Morrison (since I can only choose one)
Tie: Bob Marley & The Wailers -- Legend or Otis Redding's Greatest Hits (once again, have to choose compilations since I only get one)

Four People to Tag With the Lists



Three things you don't know about me. I'm operating under the assumption that there must be AT LEAST three things that you don't know about me that I'm actually willing to commit to in writing on the internet, so here goes...if you are a regular reader and you recognize something as a thing I've said before...well...tough luck.

1. The only thing I have left from my first marriage is the set of knives that M's mom gave us as a wedding gift. Two of the knives are missing because my second husband broke them using them as screwdrivers to work on his car when he was drunk. Note that it's not an unknown fact about me that I have terrible taste in men.

2. I have a scar down the side of my wrist that I told my mom was front my friend's cat (I was in about fourth grade), but is actually from climbing over a rusty barbed-wire fence to retrieve my little plastic sled that blew over the fence while sledding. I didn't want tetnus shots, or to admit I was where I hadn't been, so I made up a story -- now I have a scar but at least I didn't get a horrible disease and die...that would have shown me, huh?

3. In 8th grade, at the height of my secret-eating issues, I spent all my money from babysitting on those candybars that people at school sell to benefit their clubs or whatever. My mom went through my backpack and when she opened the front pocket, about 100 candy wrappers fell out...she cried, my dad yelled, and I felt so horrible that I locked myself in my room and ate a bag of candy corn and a box of strawberry Pop-Tarts.

OK, I'm supposed to pass this one to THREE here you are:

Law Dancer
Some Guy (and also a Happy Birthday -- his is the same as mine...see what I mean about forgetting?)
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