Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First day of the rest of my quarter.

First day of classes. So far, so good I guess.

Transmission of Wealth: Good prof, material is as interesting as wills and trusts can be. She seems determined to spice it up with backstories of the families involved in the cases and lots of juicy gossip-y tidbits.

Tax: Let's see, last year I ran screaming after approximately...oh...one class. This year, there is a visiting prof from another school and he is COOL! He has a very non-TVPNM attitude, seems laid back, made lots of little jokes and asides, and wrote the book. And, I'll even give him this -- the book is, at the very least, well formatted. Gotta love a guy who thinks to put the problems BEFORE the chapter so that you can read them before you read the material and it will be in your mind. Love it. Still not sure how I'll feel about the subject matter, but I think we all know a good prof makes all the difference.

Trial Advocacy: Prof for the large section is pretty awesome. I will meet the small section tomorrow night downtown, it's taught by two local practitioners, and there are 8 people in it. Apparently both the small section adjunct prof's are legal superstars in the community but seeing as how I've been working in a government cubicle for the past few months, I have never heard of either of them. I'm not sure whether to be excited or intimidated. Either way, it's pass/fail, so no worries there.

Overall, I'm pretty happy. The only sort of negative thing is that my week is really front-loaded because of Trial Ad being Monday and Wednesday, but maybe this week just seems worse because I had to jump right in without the benefit of the weekend to figure out what was going on and get some work done. I hate it when you start on Tuesday with a makeup class at lunch, and find out you have homework in two classes that you didn't even know about. Oh well...if that's the worst thing that happens all quarter, I'll be pretty lucky. No grades yet, so I can even still pretend that I passed Crim Pro. Ignorance really IS bliss.
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