Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Birthday -- Part Two

I had a fantastic birthday, thanks everyone for leaving nice comments and to the couple of you who sent me emails with links to what you WOULD buy me, if you actually knew me.

I got some great presents, including a CD Player/Radio for my shower from my old roomie, and a SUPERFANTASTIC birthday poem written by Guacamole Kid which I may put up at some point if he says I can.

My closing argument went fine. They liked my tone and style but basically said I had some seriously out of control crazy-lady hands. What can I say, the nervousness has to come out somewhere! The weirdest part was when we ran late, so I missed my bus, and then my instructor gave me a ride home. He's so nice and cool, and I rambled like a big moron because I was both nervous and sort of adrenaline riddled after finishing my closing argument and making it through.

Anyway, all is well in Chez Spatula. Mama Spatula's birthday is Friday...we heart us some Capricorns.
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