Thursday, January 26, 2006


I finally heard back from the place I had a second interview at just after Christmas. I'm going back up there for a THIRD interview next week. I am competing for the job with a good friend from school, so that's kind of interesting...we decided whoever gets the job has to buy the other one some beers. Seems like the fair way to handle things. I also applied to a clerkship near where my parents live, somewhat in the hope that it's so far out in the boonies I'll be the only one who applies...I do kind of hope the next-week place comes through though...but, you know, I've been on this roller-coaster ride before and frankly, it's never really worked out. Usually about a week after the interview I get a letter that goes something like this:

Dear E.Spat,

We were so happy to get a chance to meet you during your interview on XX Date 200X. You seem great, but unfortunately we only have 1 spot available. We received over XXX amount of applications this year, so you should feel thrilled and elated to have even made it as far as you did. Due to the fact that we have to very carefully screen who we allow into our 1 precious available slot, and despite the fact that you seem pretty OK to us and look like a real fun girl and have a nice rack, we decided to offer the job to a guy who goes to a better law school than you and is the editor of the XYZ Journal of Some Inane Subject That We Won't Even Explain To You Because You Wouldn't Understand It Anyway. We wish you the very best luck in finding a job. Ever. So, um, good luck with that.


Employer Who Isn't Going To Hire You.
Not Today. Not Tomorrow. Never.
Please Quit Sending Us Your Resume Or We'll Take Out That Restraining Order.
You Know, The One We Talked About Before After You Called Us For the 20th Time Wanting To Know "Where In The Hiring Process" We Were.
Good Luck Though.

UPDATE: When it rains it pours I guess. One of the federal honor's programs that earlier had placed me on a waiting list called me today. The problem? I felt like they were SERIOUSLY pressuring me to commit to their whole "process" and the type of job they're offering (sitting in a dark federal office reviewing contracts until I die), they wanted me to get all excited on the phone and say that I was super interested and that IF they get the job together (they're not sure yet) I'd be willing to talk to them and if they like me, make a decision immediately. And the job isn't even open yet. Plus, honestly, I REALLY want to see what is going to happen with the job out here. I have to admit that I'm a big old hypocrite, because as much as a I want a job, I don't want to move to D.C. to make $50K a year and spend all day reviewing contracts...necessarily. I don't know...I hope they are a typical government agency and take forever to get any of this moving so I can wrap up the thing out here before I have to decide whether I want to talk to them further. Contracts. Eh.
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