Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekly Law School Roundup #5

Sorry this is a little late...but at least I managed to get it up on the right day this time! (heh)

Enjoy!!! Remember, next week it will be back at Evan's place.

Shellvester -- Fight those addictions!

Divine Angst -- Typos on your transcript...greeeeeeeeaaaat!

Cella Bellum -- Awesome bus story -- with a bonus pic!

Thrown for a Loop -- "Top 10 Reasons I Quit My Old Job"

Perky to a Fault -- Dude! Sweet!

My So-Called Internet Based Life -- Creepiest M&M's commercial...EVER! (I saw it too and had been thinking about commenting on how weird and gross it is.)

Passionate Discourse -- There's always one in every class.

Matt Schuh Online -- When West Wing and law school collide.

Legally Blonde -- Thank God, she's back from the precipice of insanity!

Phocas and Francis -- Directions to an interview with a search engine. Beautiful.
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