Friday, January 20, 2006


Today GK and my old Roomie and I were standing on the corner after lunch, each sort of saying goodbye before we went our separate ways. We're standing there talking and all of the sudden....

A pigeon swooped down and flew into Roomie's hair...wings flapping around all over the place. She screamed bloody murder, GK and I doubled over laughing, and the pigeon, looking slightly bewildered, landed on the sidewalk and wandered around in a bit of a daze. Oh God, if I had a picture I could sell it for a million dollars because it would be the funniest picture ever taken.


*deep breath*


I was telling this to another friend and she's like "Oh God, that's horrible, it's not funny, oh my God, that's so scary!"

Well,'s only funny when it happens to someone else. Duh. If it happened to me I'd still be standing on that corner bawling my eyes out and trying to get the ickies off of me.

The best part was like five minutes later I get a text from Roomie saying "Oh my God, what if that thing gave me head lice?"


Oh my God. Time to go get a beer.
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