Monday, January 02, 2006

I almost forgot.

Guy at Bookstore: "Do you need validation for parking?"

Me: "No, I didn't park here. But I could still use some validation."

Guy at Bookstore: "Our brief interaction has been very pleasant. You seem like a nice person and have a beautiful smile. Really, a gorgeous smile!"

Me: "Gosh, thanks! I wish I had more books to buy!"

Me to Guacamole Kid: "Hey, did you hear that? I got validated!"

GK: "Heh. Right on."

The only thing that makes this tory less than perfect is that the guy was totally gay and so I couldn't bring him home and make him into my Sugar Bitch.*

*This term is going to be trademarked or copyrighted or whatever the hell it's called (hell yeah I'm in law school) by me, because I we came up with it the other day when I was talking to E. McPan about how I thought some guy was hot and I was going to call him "Sugar Britches" and then somehow we decided it would be funnier to just make him my Sugar Bitch. C'mon, it's funny!
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