Friday, June 30, 2006

A meme for me.

I got hit with this meme the other day from LQ, and I took a study break today to compile it - thinking it would keep you guys busy for at least a couple of days, which I will spend slaving away in the library even though it's gorgeous outside. The 25 songs I used are just the first 25 on my "studying" playlist - which is what I listen to all the time and has like 100 songs on it - and it's probably the only thing that keeps the entire list from being Jimmy Buffett. And I will say that there are a couple of songs that are the same group, and they are covers of other songs...but, either way, I guess if you get the title I'm not supposed to worry about the artist per LQ's instructions - there are just a couple of songs on here that are somewhat marginally cooler when sung by cover bands. :) Enjoy! Also, I'm not going to tag anyone with this - take it if you want it, or don't...whatever!

A. If you’ve got an iPod or similar technology, copy your Top 25 Most Played.
B. Then pick a lyric from each.
C. Post the lyrics on your blog.
D. Have commenters guess what the song is.
E. Either strike out the lyric once it has been correctly identified or place the guesser’s user name directly after the lyric.
F. Extra points for knowing the artist. Let’s not go overboard and try to figure out albums. I’m not even sure I could figure some of them out. Heck, some of the lyrics would stump me and I'm the one posting them.


1) I look back on Venus, I look back on Mars, I’m filled with the fire of 10 million stars

Froggie got the song right, but (again) it's the Me First and the Gimme Gimme's version - I LOVE their covers of everything, but right now I'm listening to their album "It's a Drag" a LOT.

2) In the desert you can remember your name, because there ain’t no one for to give you no pain

Lawmommy got it...Horse With No Name, America

3) Every day I love her just a little bit more, and she loves me the same

4) My heart knows me better than I know myself, so I’m gonna let it do all the talking

Kristan was even inspired to comment, and got FOUR! This is Big Black Horse & A Cherry Tree, KT Tunstall

5) Dr. X will build a creature. See androids fighting Brad and Janet. Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet

This is, indeed, Science Fiction Double Feature...but it's the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version. Little Tort got this one.

6) Won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom

My real-life friend Jim got this one...Redemption Song, Bob Marley

7) Cause in my head, there’s a Greyhound Station

Kristan - Soul Meets Body, Death Cab for Cutie

8) By the way my name’s Marcus, but if you like you can call me Sensei

Beanie is my new hero and go this one, and #15, probably two of the hardest in terms of non-mainstream-ness! This is A Shogun Named Marcus, by Clutch.

9) Heaven help me when I say, I think I’m giving in

10) You might be the type if I play my cards right

Kristan (again! :) ) - Promiscuous, Nelly Furtado

11) And as my mind begins to spread its wings, there’s no stopping curiosity

Kristan (she must have good taste in music - like me!)...Upside Down, Jack Johnson

12) If I were Roy Rogers, I’d sure enough be single

Alex got this one, and recommended a cover. This is the Lyle Lovett version of If I Had a Boat

13) Rock to the rhythm of the funky rhyme, so I can get this in just one more time

F&D got this's Let Me Clear My Throat, DJ Kool

14) Lying in my plastic bed, thinking how things weren’t so cool to me

15) Line after line, round after round, empty shells fall to the ground

Beanie got this one too - A Drug Against War, KMFDM

16) Rudy tells the waitress that his chicken died in vain

17) I’m down on my knees, I’m begging you please, to come home

Yup, it's Little Tort again. This is Cecelia, by Simon & Garfunkle.

18) You know she’s waiting, just anticipating

Lawmommy got this one too. Try a Little Tenderness, Otis Redding.

19) What a beautiful wedding, said the bridesmaid to a waiter

Little Tort got this one too - I Write Sings Not Tragedies, by Panic! At The Disco

20) I’m a tidal pool explorer, from the days of my misspent youth

21) Ticking clock, everyone stop. Everyone’s saying different things to me

Mackenzie got this - Waiting Line, by Zero 7

22) She give me one smile, two smile, three smile – she’s got me going wild

23) You giggle every time that I say “Yes Ma’am”, and I get this feeling that if I held you tight, you’d be seeing his and hers, buckles, boots and spurs

24) I got my Ph.D in heartaches and misery, and a B.S. in barstool philosophy

25) Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir, so that every mouth can be fed.

Skelly figured this one out, it's The Israelites, by Desmond Dekker

I'll come back and start crossing out as soon as there are some comments with answers.
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