Friday, June 16, 2006

I hate you. so much. right now.

I hate bar review so much, I don't even think there are words in the English language with which I can express my disgust. I think so far the worst part is trying to figure out what is going to work for me and how I should be studying. Flash cards? Outline? Outline from the workbook or from the "big" book'o'law? Essays? Try to write them even though I know nothing or outline them and cheat? I want to bring a lawsuit against the school for not giving me a good enough education to allow me to pass the bar without a $2,000 separate course. GRRRR!

Also, one of my biggest peeves right now is that we started so much later than everyone else that we're basically on a crazy schedule (class every other Saturday, etc), and so I feel not overwhelmed or stressed out so much as pissed off and bitter. But, hey, what's new?

Anyway, the library is kicking me out so I guess I better gather my belongings and head to Starbucks, my new home away from home. Sigh. Maybe I'll at least see some cute boys there.

In other news, I shouldn't complain because GK is not only doing self-study bar/bri for his bar, but is doing it on his fishing boat while he commercial fishes this summer (I hope you all only buy wild salmon!!!!!)...his crew and family counts on him fishing (plus he loves it) and so he's doing it plus studying at the same time. I told him I hope he passes just so that I can tell people I know someone who is an actual bar exam God.
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