Sunday, June 04, 2006

When I say "STUDY" you say "BREAK"

Yeah, I am going to totally fail both my finals because I have the attention span of a coked up hummingbird.

I did watch both a Lifetime Movie AND a 2-hour Kathy Griffin special. I failed absolutely in forcing myself to care about the Business Judgment Rule, and I ate WAY TOO MUCH, but at least I went to the gym.

I have about 38 hours to figure out Bus Orgs, and I need to at least start thinking about Ocean and Coastal, which promises to be a problem since there are (literally) probably 1,000 slides from the class presentations, plus an entire book, but no common ground between what's in the book and what was presented in class...oh yay, double studying!

In other news -- I'm considering sending homemade cookies to my friend stationed in the Desert, and packages take about a week and a half to get there. But, I'm afraid they'll be totally gross...does anyone have any experience with this specific subject? Leave a comment or email me.

UPDATE: BWAHAHAHA...I used my evil powers of persuasion to get one of my friends to agree to go out to a coffee shop and at least sit with me while we both study separate subjects...I need socialization people! Off I go...too bad I hate coffee, guess it's tea and crumpets and Bus Orgs for me.
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