Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An incomplete list of things I hate today.

1. Essays...so many goshdarned essays!!!!

2. Civil Procedure

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

4. Not being able to have another beer because I have work to do

5. Men who make me feel ugly

6. Not having control over my schedule

7. Not having time to cook dinner and eat something healthy more often

8. Filling up my tank to the tune of $53

9. Contracts

10. Being lonely

11. Not having A/C when it's 93 degrees

12. Wanting things I can't have

13. Pangs of regret that are unnecessary but get worse when I'm tired

14. Roots (or, as my hairdresser friend says, "regrowth"...trees have roots)

15. Radio stations that change format without warning

16. Skinny undergrad bimbos at Starbucks that make me feel old, fat, pale, and tired

Just so you understand I can see the silver-lining, I will say that I got tons of stuff on sale at The Gap today...lots of shirts, a pair of jeans, and two zip-up sweatshirts since our Bar/Bri room is FREEZING.

Also, I am having a girls-only mani/pedi movie-night here on Monday night since we don't have bar review on Tuesday morning because of the holiday. Thankfully I'm a hoarder of all beauty products, so I have a million colors of nail polish. We're going to drink tons of wine, watch a funny movie, and do our nails. Finally, something to look forward to.
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