Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Best. Sweatshirt. EVER!

GK brought me a sweatshirt from a cool bar in Homer, Alaska, called The Salty Dawg Saloon. This is one of those places that everyone who goes to Alaska HAS to go visit, and it's famous, and all that jazz. So, anyway, GK is rad and brought me a sweatshirt when he came back for graduation.

So, tonight I went to the gym and afterwards I threw on the sweatshirt and ran into the grocery store.

First aisle. Guy comes up to me and goes "Oh man, I've been to The Salty Dawg!" Uh...ok.

Fourth aisle. Guy and his wife are walking by me, he turns to her and goes "The Salty Dawg, I've been there!"

Produce section. Guy comes around the corner, stares at my chest for a minute, and then goes "Oh! The Salty Dawg!" Then, he looks up at my face (FINALLY) and GUESS WHO IT IS??? The guy who I went on a date with like two months ago who wanted to know if I would go camping in his VW Bus with him! BAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right! Anyway, he never called me again after declaring me to be high-maintenance and saying he didn't think he could keep up with me (Yeah. Duh.), and so I just never thought about him again. Until tonight.

So, he goes, "Uh. Hey." And I finally see a chance to get out all the aggression I've been storing up, and I'm like "Blah blah blah...just graduated...blah blah blah." Anything to force him to stand there awkwardly. I told him all about how GK brought me the sweatshirt, and graduation, etc. Then, he's trying desperately to figure out what to say and so he says something like, "So, you are still looking?" When I figure out he means, "still single," I decide to go for broke. "Oh yeah, you know, I had to quit dating because all the men I was meeting were so flaky. They would say they'd call and then not call, they all thought I was too busy and were totally judgmental, I just haven't been on a decent date in YEARS!" God, it was so funny. I feel like I won the creating an awkward moment for someone who deserve it lottery. YAY!

I'm going to sleep good tonight. My work here is done.
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