Thursday, June 15, 2006

Open the floodgates

I don't normally share very personal things with my parents...we just don't have that kind of a relationship. But, tonight, for some reason, I told my mom something that was bothering me a bit that I would normally keep from her. And she told me something that she has been keeping a secret for a long time (probably 25 years). Neither "secret" was terribly awful or life altering or traumatic or anything like that, in fact, both are probably pretty harmless. It just makes me wonder what other interesting things my mom has in her past...she always seems so innocent and naive!!! And, as I said, nothing that was said was earth-shattering at all, but I'm glad we had such a good talk.

It was a little bit weird though.

I blew off essays tonight and went out for beers. Here's to procrastination!

Also, who saw Britney Whorebag Spears on Dateline tonight? Holy SHIT she looked awful. My God. She's got about $10000000 kajillion dollars and she can't get someone to do her makeup and put in some extensions that at least LOOK real?!
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