Monday, June 26, 2006

This is E. Spat. E. Spat proscrastinates and is likely to fail the bar.

I was supposed to turn in three essays to be graded by tomorrow, so I thought I'd be all productive and get them done this afternoon. Did two of them, and then....and then came contracts. Man, I freaking hate contracts. I don't remember hating it during law school, but I sure hate it right now. I can't even start because the questions are so nebulous and sort of wishy-washy that I can't get a toehold. I thought ConLaw was going to be my nemesis, but I think it's going to be Contracts nose-and-nose with Property. Joy!

At any rate, as usual, I feel wholly unproductive...probably because I'm BEING wholly unproductive. A couple of people have wondered about why we are turning in so many essays for Bar/Bri when they aren't turning in any, and the answer is that our bar is totally an essay test - 24(?) essays over three days - 18 substantive (or, as they say in Bar/Bri, subSTANTive) essays, and 6 professional responsibility (which is apparently not subSTANTive...go figure). So, that's why all the essays - no multiple choice here!

Let's see...what else is going on? Guacamole Kid is out on his boat studying and learned that he needs to submit this questionnaire/essay thing to graduate, but he's...well, out on his boat. So, he is going to call me tonight and dictate to me over his satellite phone and I'm going to type it up and turn it in for him. Sadly, I am excited just to have a legitimate break from bar review - one that I can't feel guilty about. Helping a friend is ALWAYS a good excuse! :)

Ummm...oh yeah. It's in the mid-90's here today, which is about...oh...20 degrees higher than normal, and no one here as A/C. So, that should be fun. Can't wait to go home tonight and swelter in my crackerbox of an apartment. Might have to hit the sbux for some study time and soak up their air.
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