Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In a little district in a neighborhood...

I have actually been fairly productive today - I got my entire ConLaw outline done, but then of course my friend told me one of the tests he gave us is wrong so now I have to plow through the "big book" and try to figure that shit out. I am NOT a ConLaw person, so this is going v e r y slowly.

I was talking to one of my fave prof's yesterday morning and he asked me how bar review was going. I told him I didn't know why the bar couldn't test the subjects I actually LEARNED in law school. Law, Literature and Film? CHECK! I could write a million pages on To Kill A Mockingbird! Or, better yet, Admiralty Law. I got an award for getting the highest grade in the class and am working in the industry. Bring it on!

Real life marches on I suppose. I am becoming one with the library, which is depressing and yet comforting all at the same time for some reason. I have also become the de facto social organizer for my group of friends. Thus far I've got us on schedule for weekly lunches (Wednesdays), weekly happy hours (Fridays), and some supplemental "study sessions" (Saturday this week). I fully admit that I do this mostly to assuage my own guilty feelings regarding not wanting to drink alone, but so far all the happy hours have been fun. By Friday night everyone seems ready to have a couple of hours of relaxation -- last week we laughed so hard over an old story about Guacamole Kid (who sadly can't be here with us) -- we were all in tears.

Let's see...other news? My dad's friend Dental Ben is sending me a much-needed shipment of the Extra-Special Fantabulous Pens From Heaven...so that's good. I am keeping current on my pop culture (so important), and my beer drinking (extra double important), but not so much on my Bar/bri essays. Sigh. I think perhaps the worst part of my personality is turning out to be the fact that I need panic in order to be productive. Who knew?
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