Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fifty percent is a lot. It's half.

I am half done with my exams. Today I had BusOrgs. Done! I will admit that after about the third question, when I realized I had probably written enough "technically" to pass...it was hard to force myself to finish it all out. But, I did, and now it's done.

Tomorrow, I have Ocean and Coastal Law: The Final. I also have Ocean and Coastal Law: The Paper, which still has to be BlueBooked (damnit).

So, the plan is that I will spend the morning taking the exam, the afternoon finishing the paper, and then Ex-Roomie and I will spend some portion of the night drinking. YAY!

I may have already had a LITTLE bit to drink today since once of my friends was done after BusOrgs and I didn't think it would be right to let him celebrate alone! Unfortunately getting motivated for studying is difficult after two beers and a giant sausage (which sounds dirty, but was just lunch).

In 24 hours (or so), I will be done with law school.

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