Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A real question, not just comment-whoring.

I'm considering getting either both my parents, or just my mom (as my dad would rather have my mom get stuff like this) a gift to thank them for all their support of me during the last three years ("Uh yeah, Mom and Dad, I'm getting my second divorce, leaving the military, and going to law school, which is going to plunge me into a giant well of debt and depression, causing me to spend three years doubting my very existence and forcing me into therapy. Sound good? Can you send me fifty bucks?").

For my mom, I was thinking of a simple necklace or other piece of jewelry (she doesn't have pierced ears), since she really doesn't have any specific interests that I could buy a gift for. My dad, wow, he's tough. All he loves are bikes, and he works at a bike store with a ridiculous discount and buys everything he wants, and it's all top of the line (re: I can't afford to even look at things he would like).

Did anyone do anything like this for their family when they graduated? What kinds of stuff did you get?

Here's a brief description of my parents: Down to earth, outdoorsy, love to garden, exercise-a-holics, daily hikes with the dog, enough money to pretty much have everything they need and most of what they want, simple, not into jewelry or flashy things (except my dad with sports cars, boats, and bikes...all things outside my price range), nature lovers, would be embarassed that I'm even considering this, pragmatic, realistic, funny, non-drinkers, religious, country/rural type people.
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