Sunday, June 04, 2006

I smell good!

Tonight at Starbucks, studying with two friends, the female friend went "Someone or something really smells good? It keeps wafting over and it smells good! Do you smell it?" And so, jokingly, I went, "Ha, it's probably me!" So, she stuck her nose up to my neck (male friend watching with something between curiousity and intense confusion), and goes "It IS you!"

Didja get that people? I smell so good it WAFTS over people in Starbucks and makes them SWOON! Or at least makes them validate my $100 perfume that I bought with the ex-bf in mind, and which I'm glad he wasn't around long enough to become associated with in my mind so that it would be ruined forever, because there's quite a bit left in the bottle. I heart smelling good.
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