Saturday, June 03, 2006

DAMN the man.

I keep trying to study for BusOrgs and falling asleep in my book. I've tried caffeine, catnaps, marshmallows, ice cream, Mexican food, and study breaks...all to no avail.

Maybe God WANTS me to fail?

It's becoming increasingly clear to me that without some sort of threat (joblessness, not graduating) hanging over my head, I can't perform. I mean, even with my miserable and insufficient level of preparedness, I'm still gonna pass the class. I might get a terrible grade, but showing up and writing my name in crayon will get me past "F" level...and I probably don't even have to spell my name right.

I actually feel like I have a reasonably decent grip on quite a bit of the material, there are some things I didn't read during the quarter though that I know I need to read before Tuesday morning, which is what I am TRYING to do...not that I've got anything to show for it (well, some highlighter marks on my arm from when I fell asleep and it slipped out of my hand).

Ocean and Coastal Law is even worse, although at least I got the paper done (minus citations which will, I'm sure, provide yet another opportunity for abject misery in the upcoming days).

I will be so happy on Wednesday afternoon when this part is all over. I'm going to put off worrying about the bar for at least 12 hours after graduation, which is exactly how long we get to rest before bar review starts. The joy of the quarter system extends right into bar review. Starting late? CHECK! Compressed schedule? CHECK! Six days a week? CHECK CHECK! JOY!

Anyway, I'm off topic set of horribles at a time. BusOrgs. Sigh. Who decided proxy contests were something I needed to know?
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